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Koli: The Legendary Pain Relief Formula

In 1948, Chinese physician Chen Lu He (陈陆和) travelled from China to Singapore with aspirations of making a living in the city state. Master Chen brought few belongings with him – only enough money to survive for a few months, and a dozen bottles of his grandfather’s renowned pain relief treatment.

To make ends meet, Master Chen started a makeshift Chinese medical practice by setting up a table on the street where he lived. He treated all sorts of ailments, but it was his grandfather’s powerful and fast-acting pain relief remedies that brought his small practice to prominence. Soon, everyone from soldiers to sportspeople, martial artists, coolies and housewives were queueing up to have their aches and pains eliminated by Master Chen. Because of the treatment’s amazing potency, local Hokkien and Teochew clans gave the treatment a dialect name, “够力” (gao lat).

Master Chen’s pain-relieving formulation of traditional Chinese herbs has remained a family secret for over 100 years. Now, this miracle remedy is available as a convenient, easy-to-apply pain relief plaster.

  • Born in a family of physicians. The youngest among 5 siblings. Master Chen skills set was taught solely by his grandfather, who was a renowned barefoot doctor in Shaanxi. His pain relief formula was pass down by his grandfather on his deathbed.

  • Taking inspirations from the 1940s of Singapore during the Japanese occupations. The logo reminiscent the idea of strength and power, overcoming the pain and strive for better well being. The thumbs up suggest the effectiveness of this plaster.

  • The label design is suggested the strength of the medicine and the effectiveness it possesses. Using the dialect '够力' gao lat as the main shoutout, it resonance with Singapore early days Teochew & Hokkien clans, who coined this name.